We are a digital agency that loves to work with clients who are not afraid to grow.


We are an agency that follows modern trends in the world of marketing and we offer our clients complete marketing consulting services, conceiving a marketing plan and implementing that plan into reality. We help you create all kinds of different websites, from the simple ones to the most demanding websites out there. We help create websites, position them high on google(SEO) and we help drive traffic to your website by leveraging social media platforms like facebook and instagram.


Culture is the invisible force that keeps the company together and the reason why we are so successful at everything we do. We at 7th Club recognize this. That’s why we are all about maintaining and growing this culture every single day in everything we do. Our core values are: loyalty/honesty, harmony, extreme ownership, high-performance, client success, constant improvement.

"It's your duty to grow, expand and thrive in every area of your life"

- Faris Preljevic, CEO
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